Real Estate Development

It is a skill that requires experience and technical knowledge to be able to see the problems and risks that may be faced while developing real estate investments without making an investment decision, to identify unmanageable risks and to turn to the most efficient investment alternatives.

AKTİF BAŞKENT is an expert in directing investors to the most profitable alternatives by questioning and analyzing the appropriateness and efficiency of real estate investments with its experience spanning years, the accumulation of projects it has developed and evaluated, and its dynamic market knowledge.

Real Estate Development Services

  • Determining the investor's strategies regarding the real estate sector by making a general analysis of the investment and the investor

  • In line with the demands and needs of the investor, conducting market research and determining the location and target audience within the framework of the correct strategy as a result of this research.

  • Conducting basic feasibility studies within the framework of the current zoning status of real estates and analyzing the financial dimension

  • In case of need, zoning revision and plan modification works within the framework of urban planning principles and rules related to the land.

  • Determining the best concept in line with alternative architectural studies, taking into account the principles of urbanism and planning

  • Revising the basic feasibility report on concept project basis and making existing financial studies